1. How is Pixelonl different?

Pixelonl aims to provide original, exclusive, trackable stock photos. At Pixelonl, you can use royalty-free stock photos exclusively through photographers for commercial use with confidence. As an independent business entity, Pixelonl seamlessly connects with platform photographers, and is an e-commerce platform for photographers to commercialize their works for customers. Pixelonl streamlines the organization and reduces the redundancy of human resources, so as to achieve the purpose of optimization and cost reduction.

2. Can I sell or distribute content independently?

You cannot independently sell or distribute the content (whether digital or physical). Standalone means that no creative effort has been put into the content and it is in essentially the same form as it appears on our website.

3. Can I print a photo of my purchase on a t-shirt or other item and monetize it?

This is allowed. Because you printed a purchased photo on a t-shirt or other item, the photo already constituted a different purpose and lost its status as a stand-alone document. For more information, please see our Licensed Content.

4. I am a graphic designer, can I recreate the purchased photos and use them as a product to make a profit?

Any creative effort in the original visual work can be considered a secondary creation, which will disqualify the original work as a stand-alone document, so you can get paid for it as a commodity; On the contrary, any simple imitation, adjustment or editing of the original visual work does not constitute a secondary creation, but an act of copyright infringement.

5, I am a web designer, can I use the purchased photos for the design elements of the theme template and use this as a commodity to make a profit?

The theme template you use for your photo for web design constitutes a different use, making the original work ineligible as a separate document, so you are entitled to be paid for it.

6. Will there be a watermark on the downloaded photos?

The photos you buy from us (including paid and free photos) do not have watermarks, so you can download them with confidence.

7. Is there a download limit for purchased photos?

There are a total of 3 downloads (with no time limit) for a single photo you purchased.

8. Is the sample picture provided on the page the final effect?

Page mockups are scaled-down versions of final photos that differ only in pixels, resolution, storage capacity, etc.

9. What payment methods do you offer?

We currently offer a variety of payment methods including PayPal for you to choose from.

10. What does "Royalty Free" mean? Is the file free?

Royalty-free means that the image can be used in accordance with the terms of the license, without additional description or coordination of location, personnel, usage methods, etc. When you purchase an image under a royalty-free license, you will get a non-exclusive lifetime use right, within the scope of the standard license or the extended license.

All our pictures are royalty-free, which does not mean they are free. You only need to pay the one-time fee required for a lifetime license.

11. Do you offer a free trial?

To try our picture quality and service, or choose a suitable picture size, please feel free to download our free file.

To check whether a particular picture meets your needs, please feel free to download a free watermarked sample. Just place your mouse on the image to see the option to download the sample picture.

12. Do you have any images that are licensed for a specific scope of use?

No. All existing images on the website are configured in accordance with the terms of a royalty-free license.

13. How do I register?

Thank you for choosing us!There are only three steps to complete your registration.

  • First, select "Sign in" to go to the login page.



  • Step 2, select Create Account, enter user information and check the checkbox.



  • Step 3, select Save and your account will be created successfully.


14. How do I purchase a product?

Thank you for finally becoming our user and choosing to purchase our products!

  • Step 1, select the product and choose Add to Cart.


  • Step 2, select the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page to go to the checkout page.


  • Step 3, select PayPal Quick Pay, you can also choose other payment methods; 


  • Step 4, go to your account page, select Order History, select the product name in the Product Details column, and click to download.



15. How do I download free photos?

There is no charge for the free order, but you will also need to complete the order request and provide address information. Complete the above to download your free photos.

16. Do I have to create an address?

The address you create will be used as your personal address (for invoicing purposes), so you must create the address information.

17. Do I need to ship and pay for shipping?

Our products are (virtual) digital products, you just need to complete the download to get our products, you don't need to ship and pay for shipping.

18. Can I return the product or get a refund?

Due to the special nature of virtual products (reproducible), we are temporarily unable to process return or refund requests for you based on the conditions of our policy.Learn more